Professor, Researcher, Expert in Bank Management, Financial Products and Markets.

He has managed to combine his teaching and research activity with advising and consulting for different entities, participating in the design, development and monitoring of training programs for managers, both face-to-face, semi-face-to-face and online. His activity as a science popularizer is remarkable.

I invite you to this space for training, reflection and consultation.

My name is Joaquín López Pascual, I’m a university lecturer, researcher, financial adviser, economist and lawyer. I specialise in Bank Management, Financial Systems, Financial Markets and Management. You can read some of my publications and opinion pieces on the financial sector in a framework conceived to share knowledge and favour the free flow of ideas.

In our ever-changing contemporary world, financial education and information are of utmost importance and require constant innovation. I hope you find this website useful and interesting.

Do you want to know even more?

Knowledge of the current economy, financial markets, its institutions and products, constitute a fundamental element and with their understanding financial and investment decisions can be made, being able to plan them over time.

Joaquín López Pascual has both the knowledge and the necessary experience to be able to write and publish more than twenty books, which will help you learn about the economy in a way that you had never considered before.

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