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Finance & Technology.

There is no doubt that the FinTech is becoming an international topic in which new business models are appearing month after month and the sector is one of the most attractive for investors and users eager to change the pattern of competition in force during the last decades.

This is a growing phenomenon closely associated with start-ups and pure digital players.

FinTech companies emerged around 2000, mainly in 2008 as a result of two factors:

  • The development of new technologies, digitalization, smartphones…
  • General dissatisfaction with traditional banking in the wake of the economic and financial crisis.

Since 2008, investment in these companies has increased threefold.


The term FinTech is derived from the English words Finance and Technology . Hace referencia a empresas de servicios financieros que utilizan la última tecnología existente para poder ofrecer productos y servicios financieros innovadores. Refers to technology that enables financial innovation with a material effect on financial markets and the provision of financial services.




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What is Fintech?

Joaquín López Pascual

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